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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the financial and macro-economic data sourced from?

Unlike many other websites, especially non-Nigeria based ones, we don’t just scoop data from any convenient source. We thoroughly understand the fragmented data landscape of Nigeria and how the government bodies that publish economic data are not very predictable in where they put the data. We take those worries off you. We have a dedicated team that goes through the government sites and published data from the different authoritative bodies (like OPEC for oil production volume) and ensure that it is the most authentic data you are provided.

Which subscription plan is best for me?

If you are a one-off user – maybe a student needing data for a research or project – you can do a one month plan at the level that has the features you need. However, if you are a financial analyst or investor and have a perpetual need for the data we provide, the yearly plan will be most economical and advantageous for you.

In case I have further questions, who can I speak to or contact?

You can contact us directly at support@www.nigeriamarketdata.com or call +19413122149, 01-6311885, 08063125227, 0700ANALYTICS. We are always willing and available to answer your questions.

Why do I need to pay for most of the vital features?

We have full-time salaried staff who ensure that you don’t have to pay over $20,000/yearly for a Bloomberg Terminal just to access data that other countries’ government make freely available. All we are asking for is just a token to help us keep the servers running, the team motivated and you happy.

Does NMD provide any other services?

UrBizEdge Limited (www.urbizedge.com) is the owner of Nigeria Market Data (NMD) and they provide a host of training and consulting services you might want to explore. Just visit www.urbizedge.com or email them at info@urbizedge.com

What is the story behind the founding of NMD?

It all started in 2012. Our founder, Michael Olafusi, was madly in love with stocks investing and loved to do his fundamental analysis himself. He had read too much of Benjamin Graham and was hoping to use the value investing approach. He thought the hardest part would be the calculations, projections and valuations. It turned out that the hardest part was finding the necessary data he needed. There was no central place to go to get all the financial reports, analysis and macro-economic data he needed, so he decided to create one. Fast forward 6 years and many months of gathering the data needed, and NMD was born.